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El Confidencial tells the business adventure of Ignacio Blanco in front of Univergy

Journalist Juan Cruz Peñaperforms, through a complete article, a review of the trajectory of Ignacio Blanco, president and CEO of Univergy. Beginning with its beginnings in the Spanish renewable market, before the political blockade of green energies, up to the current situation of the company in the world market, the article gathers the main eventualities and opportunities that have allowed the progression of Univergy.


The Japanese newspaper Nikkei ESG interviews Ignacio Blanco and Kenta Kagikawa

La presente entrada es una traducción al castellano de la entrevista que el periódico japonés Nikkei ESG (Environment Social Governance) ha realizado recientemente a Ignacio Blanco y Kenta Kagikawa, fundadores de la compañía Univergy International. Puedes leer la entrevista al completo, en castellano, tras el salto.

Univergy bets on the development of 300 MW in South Korea in 2018

Univergy Internacional se ha fijado un objetivo para 2018, para desarrollar proyectos renovables en Corea de Sur de 300MW

Madrid, Seúl, 11 de Abril de 2018.- La compañía Univergy Internacional ha establecido en Seúl una nueva oficina con ocasión de que el Gobierno de Corea del Sur ha fijado un objetivo de generación de energía a través de renovables de 58,5GW para 2030. Univergy se ha fijado un objetivo para 2018, para desarrollar proyectos renovables en Corea de Sur de 300MW.

Univergy will develop a photovoltaic project of 44,4MW in Dak Nong

"Truc Son" will mean an investment of 48,3 million of US $

Madrid, Dak Nong, 17 of April of 2018.- The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy International has started a joint venture with the Japanese company Europe Clean Energies Japan and the Vietnamese Thanh Nien Media Corporation, after being awarded the project "Truc Son", Which will consist in the development of a 44,4MW photovoltaic power plant in Dak Nong, Cu Jut district, Vietnam.

Univergy presents 18 renewable projects in the Netherlands after a recent award

[ The company has been awarded a renewable project with a grant from 500.000€
[ Univergy leads developments with technology "floating"In the Netherlands, with a strong global projection

Madrid, Amsterdam, 23 de Mayo by 2018.- The company of Spanish-Japanese origin Univergy International, fulfilling its internationalization plan, has an active presence for a year in the Netherlands, having submitted to the auction for the development of renewable plants last October 2017, in the which was awarded a project with a subsidy higher than 500.000 €. After this award, Univergy 2018 was presented to the auction last March, presenting 18 renewable plant projects, pending the resolution of the auction that is scheduled for August 2018.

Univergy and Saitec create an SPC to develop floating wind projects (marine) in Japan

Madrid, Leioa (Bilbao), Tokio, 9 de Enero de 2018.- Las empresas españolas, Saitec Offshore Technologies y Univergy han concluido en el día de hoy un acuerdo para la creación de una SPA (Special Purpose Company) “Compañía de Propósito Especial” para el Desarrollo de proyectos flotantes en Japón con tecnología SATH.

Ignacio Blanco , Executive President of Univergy International, has pointed out that “this agreement that links both companies Saitec y Univergy have a high strategic value for the development of offshore plants projects, as much by the expertise of both companies in this sector of the economy, as well as by floating technology STAH”.

On the other hand, Alberto Galdós Tobalina, President of Saitec Group, has said that “this agreement supposes the union of two companies with very strong presence in the international field that provide a great experience in management of PLA, s and technologies with advanced solutions in projects offshore through the STAH”.

Univergy main offices

Headquarters Univergy Spain


Calle Serrano, 41. 7ª Plant
28001 Madrid, SPAIN.

Univergy Technical Office


Painter Zuloaga, 2. Ground floor right.
02001 Albacete, SPAIN.

Headquarters Univergy Japan


Halifax Bld. 6F, Roppongi 3-16-26, Minatoku
Tokyo 106-0032 Japan

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